• The first semiconductor HF radio, HF frequency-hopping radio and the first airborne HF self-adaptive radio in China are developed by Shaanxi  Fenghuo Communication Group Co.,Ltd.

    We dedicate to the development and reasearch of radio communications, providing multiband, series, multimode solutions, building a full-coverage wireless communication system in application aeras and realizing voice , data as well as video communications. Our products like handheld, manpack, airborne and shipborne radios are widely applied to industries like military, police, civil defense, forests, hydrometeorology, fishery, civil aviation and etc.

    HF and VHF Communication

    SR and Built-in-test Communication

    Communication Network Integration and IoT Communication

    Beidou and Satellite Communication

    Civil and International Defense Communication

    Communication Electroacoustic and Antennas


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